About Us

About Us

India’s largest life insurance company, The Life
Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India, has footprints
across the country and its market share continues
to make it the dominant player in the life insurance
industry. It has an unmatched reach with 8 zonal
offices, 113 divisional offices, 2,048 branch offices,
1,408 Satellite Offices & 1,238 Mini offices . LIC draws
its strength from over 1.15 lakh employees and more
than 1.13 million agents.

The Corporation’s figures speak for themselves.
In the financial year 2016-17, LIC sold over 20.131 million
new policies and occupying more than 76.09% market
share. It has the largest customer base of about 290
million policyholders and its asset base is more than
a mammoth Rs 2572028.34 crore. The valuation surplus
runs into more than Rs 49,881.60 crore, of which, nearly
Rs 2,494.08 crore is given to the Central Government as
dividend. So, what better reason can you have for
associating yourself with such a big and growing

Life Insurance Corporation of India

• LIC is the No. 1 brand in service sector and 290 million + lives are part of LIC of India.
• LIC is the biggest life insurer in the world.
• Best infrastructure – 2048 LIC branches (fully computerized) 1408 satellite offices,1238 mini offices, more than 1.15 Lakh employees and 1.13 Million agents.
• LIC policy for all segments and age groups
• Transparency in operations.
• Best practices in the industry.
• Excellent claim settlement ratio.
• Sovereign guarantee by the Government of India, to the customers.
• Country’s largest insurer Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has paid Rs 2494.08 crore to the Government of India as dividend for 2016-17
• LIC had declared a valuation surplus of Rs 49881.60 crore for the financial year ending 2017.
• LIC total income for the year 2016-17 is a staggering Rs 424186.68 crore for the financial year ending 2017.
• The total life fund of LIC stood at Rs 23,23,802.59 crore for the financial year ending 2017.
• The total assets of the company rose to Rs 25,72,028.34 crore for the financial year ending 2017.
• During 2016-17, LIC settled more than 2.15 crore claims for an aggregate amount of over Rs 1,12,700.41 crore.


• LIC agent is the person who provides advice on Life Insurance Planning to people to protect their family from unexpected events of death, disability and retirement of the bread winner.It is a noble profession indeed.
• LIC agent also contributes to economic development of the country. As the money collected towards life insurance premium goes towards Nation Building Activities eg: Infrastructure Development, Roads, Railways, Ports, Bridges, Water supply, Electricity, Housing etc.
• Top LIC agents earn between ₹3 crores to ₹5 crores per annum.
• The average gross income of top 20% of LIC agents is above ₹12 lakhs per annum.

You will be trained in such a way that you will be among top 20% of agents within 4 years’ time, the only pre-requisites are our Attitude, Passion and Hard work to achieve your Goals.

Career in LIC Of India

• LIC agency is considered today as the highest paid profession in the world.
• It also provides you with the Royalty Income.
• You can start your own Business with less Capital Investment.
• You have freedom to set your own working hours.
• You have the opportunity to earn as per your potential.
• Your work gets easier and less demanding as your business grows.

Who Can Work
Any one can join LIC who needs extra income…

• College Boys/Girls.
• Businessmen.
• Housewives.
• Salaried Person.
• Unemployed.
• Retired Persons.
• Software Professionals.
• Bankers.
• Doctors
• Engineers


• Minimum Educational Qualification: 10th Pass
• Minimum Age: 18 Years (No Upper Age Limit).