Why Us


Convert your contacts in to CASH

Why LIC?

Biggest Life Insurance Company in the World.

No. 1 Brand in Service Sector.

More than 29-Crore Policies (Larger than population of many Countries)

Total Assets of company 25.72 lakh crore !!!!

Market Share: 76.09% .

Settlements to policy holders 99.66%(OTHERS NOT EVEN NEAR TO LIC)

….And Success continues….


Why us?

Leading Development Officer in Delhi having a VIBRANT Team of Dynamic Agents.

Working with LIC since 1991.

Have vast Experience in different fields related to Life Insurance Sales and Services.

Knowledge, guidance & support will help you to become successful Insurance advisor.

Support To Agents

Professional Training through Seminars

Sponsorship for special Training Programs

Knowledge Dissemination of all LIC products

Effective Selling Skills

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Tips on Customer Relations Management

Tips on Objection Handling

Scientific approaches for calculating insurance needs

Exposure to international selling practices

Setting and achieving realistic goal

I have invested in technology and manpower to ensure that my team gets adequate sales support from me. Few examples of my support activities are as under:

Make joint calls with Agents for big business prospects.

Provide assistance in organizing medical check-ups done for their customers.

Counselling with agent to help him perform better.

Conducting sales motivation seminars to recharge their energies.

Provide access to state of art computerized presentation system.

Provide monthly statements which encompass all there policy holder servicing need.

Monitoring his / her sales activity and providing appropriate guidance from time to time.